You’ve often heard the word ‘Bespoke’, so what does it really mean? Bespoke in simple terms means made to individual order or custom made. It means a specific item is tailor-made to fit your taste, budget and preferences. It gives the client an opportunity to be involved in the creation of their one-of-a-kind piece. And at Omorfi, bespoke is all about ‘YOU’!

Bespoke creations are now being coveted as the ‘Ultimate Luxury’. And ‘Luxury’ doesn’t just belong to the elite; it comes in every price range. According to us the ultimate personal luxury lies in knowing that a product from conception to final creation is being commissioned to suit your style and getting to choose the elements of design to convert your dream into reality. As it is something unique, made just for you, and not something that is produced en-masse and available off the shelf.

What do you get?

Today with every purchase one seeks value for money and we wish to create a guilt-free luxury shopping experience for our clients. We are committed to providing high quality diamond jewellery and extraordinary services. All the creations are made using only the best diamonds and gemstones sourced that adhere to our strict quality policy. Whether you have a penchant for contemporary designs or classic, we relentlessly work to complement your tastes.

Why Omorfi?

We believe in long- term relationships and in giving our customers an experience to suit their individual needs. Every jewel crafted by us is an outcome of endless research, experimentation and is under expert inspection of professionals at every process. We truly believe in making every piece striking with a conversation-starter quality.

Jewellery is not just a fashion investment, but is an everlasting token of love. Whether it’s a proposal, a wedding purchase or gifted on a festival or anniversary, it marks a special moment. We wish to be a part of your story and make your occasion exhilarating!


Our inspiration knows no bounds and is evoked from history, architecture, nature, art, travel, heritage or anything appealing. We don’t blindly follow trends. Our designs are driven by the concept of ‘forever romance’, which is beyond trends and will stay in vogue now and decades later. A client is free to choose from our vast design collection or can also show us an existing design of something they like or share their ideas with us. We would then reinterpret our inspirations and their vision into artistic and modern sensibilities.

A piece of jewellery is for life and buying each piece is an extremely personal and emotional process involving time and thought before the decision.

The process is initiated with a scheduled appointment wherein we discuss a client’s needs, budget, ideas and style. Once the budget and design direction is established, we set out to work on design options that are unique and suit the client’s requirement. We share the sketch or the CAD image of the design.

On approval of design, the order is finalized and an advance payment of 50% of the estimated quote is collected. The order is then processed based on the design and other specifications mentioned by the client. On completion the jewellery goes through a stringent quality check and is then certified and presented to the client.

We aim to delight and the driving force in our work is the happiness and that ‘wow’ moment shared by the client on receiving their order.